Stations of the Cross - after Hans Memling


This series of dioramas appears like a “stations of the cross”. However, instead of retracing the track of Jesus Christ on the day of his death, the works recalls one of the masterpieces of western art: the well-known Last Judgment triptych, painted by Hans Memling between 1467 and 1471. Singularly, each of these dioramas presents an image on the background: it depicts an episode of Memling’s work, that Urso have selected from a colored-monograph dedicated to this painting.

Altogether, the series includes nine wooden hand-made boxes. Observing the singular episodes, and stopping in front of each “station”, the viewer has the impression of retracing the whole painting: as in the work of Memling, the first boxes represent the souls in heaven, followed by those in purgatory, to conclude with the suffering bodies of the damned dragged to hell.