Welcome to the Jungle


Welcome to the Jungle is the indication of a way and, at the same time, of being conscious of one’s position. The new project of Alex Urso results from reflections on the contemporary art system and is an attempt to define his role with the awareness of the impossibility of adapting to dominant dynamics, such as the research of consensus, regardless of content; the incessant promotion of images, regardless of substance, which is constantly performed by emerging artists on the social network stage. Welcome to the Jungle, therefore, is a poetic statement that sees art as a tool for turning towards a blinding sense of approval which is profoundly influencing the new wave of artists coming to the contemporary scene. From this premise, Urso made a chapter-based project – divided in three series of works – in which he continues to move from the “personal” to the “universal”, with a constant overlay of autobiographical stories, references to art history, and to socio-political mechanisms. © Marta Cereda, 2017