Grand Hotel Europa


In recent years Europe has been assisting to an alarming rise of far-right movements; nationalist and conservative parties have made significant electoral gains in many countries. Grand Hotel Europa wants to encourage a reflection on this topic. The project includes a selection of drawings, sculptures and collages realized by the artist during a series of residencies in Belgrade (Serbia), Ustka (Poland) and Valletta (Malta).
Each series of works included in the project explores the rise of nationalistic feelings from different perspectives and philosophies, with a particular focus on the migrant flows through and around Europe.

The project takes its name from a large hotel, the “Hotel Europa” on the Adriatic coast – a Urso’s childhood memory. The hotel is taken as symbol of stability and unity in Europe, currently threatened by populism and far-right beliefs. A series of 50 vintage postcards from hotels that probably no longer exist, reinforces the idea of a Europe that is no longer what it was.

Grand Hotel Europa has been supported during its three phases by the European Cultural Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo, Italian Institute of Culture of Belgrade, Fondazione Brugnatelli.
Download the exhibition booklet written by Margerita Pulè, curator of the Grand Hotel Europa (pt. 3) exhibition at Studio 87, Valletta.