Musée de l’Oubli – Eight collages by Monsieur G.


The eight collages included in this project were made by “Monsieur G.”, an unknown French artist whose true identity Urso himself does not know (the collages, signed on the backside, date back to 1979). Alex Urso found them in a street market in Warsaw in 2014: they were on the ground amidst other priceless objects and second-hand junk. Intrigued, he decided to save them: after having bought the whole series, Urso spent time cleaning every piece, rearranging things, mending the ruined parts and – finally – giving them a new life.

Therefore, this entire project is a sort of archeological endeavor, a process of bringing back to life something extinct and forgotten. By rescuing these art pieces from the oblivion, Urso translated his act of “creation” – as an artist himself – into an act of “rehabilitation”. The final intention is to pay tribute to the mysterious Monsieur G. and, on a broader level, pay homage to all artists that art history has not deemed worthy of attention and memory.